neighbours after me?

i been buying bunch of cars lately and i noticed people get curious.

they approach me.

i dont want to talk to them.

they want to know things about me, personal things. why would they approach me?

just because im a single guy and have 3 cars now?

i owe nobody anything.

i never ask anybody anything.

i dont know you i dont want to know you stay away from me, you are problems to me.

dont they get it ?

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  • T J
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    1 month ago
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    I usually handle the ones, that ask something that is of no business of theirs, wit  "why do you want to know"  Then I promptly walk away from them, not saying another word. By answering their question with mine, it catches them off guard. If the idiot keeps asking, I just ask them question again sometimes,  as I walk into my home and slam the door.

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