Tyler Lawrence told me that covid19 is a hoax and fake news and whatnot?

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    1 month ago
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    Obviously, "Tyler Lawrence" (whoever that may be) is a (*^$ moron.

  • 1 month ago

    What's you question?  If you're asking if Tyler is right, decide for yourself.  Tune in just about any newscast on TV and see if they agree with each other when reporting on COVID19.  If the vast majority of them agree with each other, then you can conclude one of two possibilities:  they are all in collusion and reporting fake news or all the news they are reporting is true.

    But here's the deal.  If they are all in collusion you have to ask yourself and answer, why are they all agreeing to report fake news?  And who's behind the planning and organizing of all those TV networks so that they are coordinated in the fake news they are reporting?  And more importantly, who is getting ABC, PBS, NBC, Fox, CBS, and a host of others who are in competition with each other for ads and the money they bring in to actually cooperate with each other?

    The answer is obvious.  They are not colluding, they are all competing against each other for the ad money.  So they are digging in for the dirt, the true news that sells ads.  And what they report is the truth as they see it.

    So there really is close to a quarter million Americans who have died from COVID19 and the death rate of COVID19 is five times the rate of seasonal flu.  In other words, your Tyler is full of BS.

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