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If Obama was so great, then how come HDR didnt exist when he was around on HDMI TVs?

HDMI was a big step... But know what it lacked? Personality. CRT tvs one of the biggest charms was. I could get a different big beast TV. And it had a different personality to it, so i could check out a bad TV colors being washed out, or a big screen with vibrant colours to play Croc PS1 game on it, or watch Home Alone movie on it. It made huge difference depending on TV.

HDR i think is the future, because depending on TV it does give different colours to it. And that is the 4K magic, that it gives the same magic as it was with CTR TVs except way better resolution but same effect. So i am glad they introduced that during perhaps 2017 or something to 4K TVs

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