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Why does "Locked up Abroad" portray the criminals as victims?

Overall, the National Geographic Channel is great.  It educates people about conservation issues, nature, and the rest of the world.  But I've taken a dislike to their show "Locked up Abroad".

This show depicts individuals (usually from the USA/Canada/UK/Australia) getting caught up with drug trafficking (or similar offense) in another country, often a developing country.  It depicts the inhumane conditions (i.e. overcrowding, filth, and prison torture) that these subjects have to live through and how they got out of it.

Now, I'm all for criminal justice reform, human rights, and humane prison conditions even for the most violent offenders.  And the prison conditions in many of these countries are unacceptable.

But, the tone of the show depicts the subject of the show as the victim even though in most cases, they knowingly broke the law.  When you go to another country, you are subject to their laws, whether or not you agree with them.  And if you are caught breaking those laws, you deserve no special treatment by virtue of where you are from.  The subject chose to go to the country, and they chose to commit a serious crime.  Now they are the victim??  It makes me UNCRONTROLLABLY ANGRY that Nat Geo would depict the countries as the problem and the criminals as the victim.


Foofa - I'll have to check out those episodes.

Update 2:

Maxi - I agree about corrupt police and incarceration without (or prior to) fair trial.  But it's not like that doesn't happen in the USA.  It happens a lot actually.  Some people can't afford good counsel or to post bail, so they spend months or even years in jail before their trial.

Update 3:

This has nothing to do with POWs.  Why would you even make such a dumb comment?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    TV program don't make me "uncrontrollably" angry.

    How do you feel about captured prisoners of war, their treatment?

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    I noticed that too. It's like of course you got "locked up abroad" because you were breaking the laws of a foreign nation. But occasionally you get something like the "Orchid Hunter" or the recent one on the Brits who ran into Colombian paramilitaries and with those I just think how stupid these people were for putting themselves into that position to begin with. So they're not all criminals, but some of them are probably just asking for trouble. 

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    In many of these countries along with  overcrowding, filth, and prison torture they are also often corrupt police and a corrupt legal system who lock people up without trial and people are innocent until proven guilty in their own non corrupt countries, so it is a human right breach...so they are a victim of their own  greed and lack of education...certainly they are also  a stupid idiot and if they have commited a crime ( which many have) then they deserve all they get, BUT a fair trial then they can do what they want with them if they are legally proven guilty

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