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Why do I pee out every bit of fluid I drink?

I do my best to stay hydrated, but it seems I urinate about as much as I drink.  Through a typical day I keep a jug of water at my desk & just pour a bit into a small glass to make sure I don't guzzle it all at once.  I often infuse the water with a flavored electrolyte tab that has almost no sugar and no caffeine, and I'll sometimes even sprinkle a small pinch of pink himalayan salt into it.  But I still find myself running to pee about once an hour, and it's not just a little bit of peeing - it's a ton.  At the end of the day I don't feel hydrated at all, my sputum is thick & hard to swallow, and I'm clearing my throat constantly.  How can I better ensure good fluid absorption?


No Rick, you're supposed to absorb at least some of it.

Update 2:

Thanks Diane, but can you please cite a source that says sodium causes water loss?  All conventional science I've seen says sodium compels the body to retain fluids, but it's possible I've missed something new.

Update 3:

Thanks Nancy this seems to be a great answer.  I have to follow up with this though - what about the fact that my mouth is parched & I'm constantly having to clear away overly thick sputum?  Doesn't that signal dehydration?

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    Because you're fully hydrated. That's what happens when you drink as much as you should and so are fully hydrated. Where else do you think all that water's going to go? It's got to go somewhere, so unless you're sweating profusely, which isn't something people generally do at a desk, it's going to come out in your urine. But that's okay. Peeing that much, peeing so much it's clear (unless you're also fortifying with B12 at the same time, which'll turn it bright yellow), is what you want. It means enough water is passing through your system that you're constantly flushing out toxins, heavy metals, etc. 

    As for salt and electrolytes, you don't really need to supplement those unless you also sweat a lot, like if in addition to drinking all that water, you also go to the gym every day and do an hour of cardio or go running or do anything that makes you sweat profusely, or if you have some condition that causes diarrhea, like IBS. Especially the Himalayan salt--don't add that to your water. Save it for seasoning your food because there isn't anyone in the industrialized world that doesn't get more than enough salt in their diet, too much in fact, the only exception being some athletes, those that sweat profusely daily.

    You don't want more fluid absorption. You shouldn't be taking in salt under some harebrained scheme to retain more water for two reasons:

    One, it's bad for you. Forcing edema on yourself raises your blood pressure; puts you at increased risk for blood clots, strokes, and blindness; and results in those excess fluids pooling up in your lymphatic system engorging and swelling your lymph nodes beyond their healthy capacity with greater amounts water that will, of course, also carry in greater amount of heavy metals, toxins, and all sorts of unwanteds than then can settle there, which you don't want. And if and when you come to your senses and quit intentionally sabotaging your body by chemically forcing it to retain excess water and it returns to normal, when the excess water leaves your lymph nodes, it won't take all that garbage with it because it's all heavier than water. It could take months or even years, depending on how long you sabotage your body that way, to finally flush all that garbage from your lymph nodes.

    Two, it'll only work to keep you from peeing everything you drink out in the short-run. As soon as your body retains all the water it's going to retain from the amount of excess salt you're feeding yourself to do that, you're going to start peeing out everything you drink again, only now you're retaining a bunch of water. It's like if you have a 14 gallon bucket full of water (that bucket representing the 14 gallons of water the human body holds) that you add a gallon of water to a day (that gallon a day representing about how much an should drink), a gallon of water is going to spill out of it every day (the gallon of spillage representing how much one will pee as a result), except for the little bit that evaporates off during the day (that little bit representing sweat). If do something to cause that 14 gallon bucket to stretch so that it now holds 15 gallons (that something representing consuming more salt to increase water retention), you'll have one day where you won't have any spillage (one day where you won't pee), but starting the next day and every day after that, the bucket is at its capacity of 15 gallons, just like your body is, so you will spill out, or pee out, the one gallon you add to it every day because it's now at it's new capacity of 15 gallons and has no place to go but out.

    So quit adding that salt to the water. Be happy that you're peeing out what you drink. That's means you're fully hydrated. Not peeing out as much as you drink means something's wrong, like you're dehydrated. Peeing out as much as you drink is the goal. It's the ideal. If you didn't, pee out everything you drink but make yourself do what you say you want your body to do, even if by not peeing out 1 cup of what you drink every day but retaining it, after two days, your body would be retaining an extra pint; after four days, an extra quart; after eight days, an extra gallon; after 16 days, two gallons; after a month, 4 gallons. Four gallons of water weighs 32 pounds. You'd be so bloated up with edema, you'd look like you'd gained 32 pounds in a month. 

    Think about what it is you're striving for. It's unsustainable. It's unhealthy. You don't actually want that. If you could actually bring that about, make it so that you didn't pee out everything you drank in a day but held on to even just a cup of it, in two months, you'd be 64 pounds heavier, in four 128 pounds heavier, which would have you looking extremely portly if not for the fact that you'd already have already died from water poisoning on or about day 8.   



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    the salt and electrolytes are causing some excessive water loss, so stop that. Then you really only urinate out what you dont need. Cut back and see what happens actually. if you are still concerned see a doctor--they can analyze your urine

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    unless you are sweating, your are suppose to ..............

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