Am I an ignorant family member of a trans person?

I'll start with how mental health issues runs in our family but im the only one who ever got therapy and treatment. Now my sister..always thought she was bisexual as well but never sure and she usually dated men (happily told me details about her sex life with the men, etc). Fast forward a few years. I hadnt lived at my parents home in years at this point. I was married, in my own home, had a nice job, etc. My sister was still jobless, living with my parents and we found out not only was she autistic, addicted to alcohol, Etc. but she attempted suicide. Because of things i didnt know about my parents or their home. My parents had gone INSANE. House was filled with cameras, mold, cats, cat pee, feces, rotten food, boarded windows and untrained dogs, etc and had completely stopped raising my sister when i moved out. So my husband and i took her in to live with us. We were trying to help her  go to therapy, use utensils, speak to people, etc but she quickly turned her therapists attention to her being trans. And stopped wanting to work on social skills or getting on track, etc. I just felt like it was an easier thing for her to focus on, knowing she would recieve alot of social media attention, etc. Shes acting like a whole diff person and claiming its because shes a man. Am i wrong to think she just wants attention and to escape harder issues she has to deal with? It just seems very inconsistent with the rest of her life before this. So am i ignorant? Or does it make sense?

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    4 weeks ago
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    I think you're exactly right, but you're not going to get anywhere saying it. It will make her feel self-righteous to accuse you of bigorty. Therapists are prohibited by law from doing anything other than affirming a self-diagnosis of being trans. Your sister is probably genuinely struggling and latching onto a fad reason for why her life is a disappointment. I doubt she's doing it in a self-aware way, you know? She does need therapy but she's not going to get any help this way-- if she gets encouraged to start taking T and chop off body parts... God help her recovering from that when she realizes it was a mistake. I'm not sure where to send you for better advice. Back in the day, Gender Critical or Detrans would've given you advice from people who were like your sister and then realized they messed up, but those groups were banned. Try

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    4 weeks ago

    "I just felt like it was an easier thing for her to focus on, knowing she would recieve a lot of social media attention, etc."

    A common mistake made by people who don't understand transgender people.

    It's not about attention.

    For all you know they may be trans and all their issues actually have their roots in that.

    Don't judge them.

    Let them get treatment and see where it goes.

    You might just be surprised by the result.

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    She just had a preference!                 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Of course transgenders are just attention seekers. And many autists are trans because they think it will make people love them. They need to accept their autism. 

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