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Why do people get spiteful when someone inherits money, but want to be best friends when they win money?

Why do people make such a big deal where money comes from? IF they inherit it, they're spoiled, selfish snobs. If they win it, then they deserve it. Either way, nobody worked for anything here; so why does it matter?


The way I look at it, if the child doesn't take the inherited money, then someone else gladly will. So they might as well take it and enjoy it, especially if they have worked hard in their life.

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  • T J
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    1 month ago

    In both cases they want your money. For some unknown reason they think they should get some of it.

  • wanna'  get  to  know  the  'real'  person  behind  the  face?  flash  gold  and  money  in  front  of  'em.

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