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How do you connect a wifi device to your phone?

Hi this might be a really stupid question but I am trying to connect my small ambient light for my daughter to my phone, but every time I want to connect it, it tells me to connect it to it's wifi network, and when I do and return to the install screen it tells me that I am not connected to the internet. I am trying to connect a wifi meross ambient light. 

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    You must use the Meross App and have it on the screen that tells you to connect to the light.  Then you connect your phone's wifi setting to the light's wifi signal.  After which you should ONLY access the Meross App to complete the process.  This is a pretty common configuration process for various accessories, but it can be a very confusing one for non-tech people.  


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    you don't connect it to your phone, you connect that light to your wifi router. then you connect your phone to your wifi router.

    as long as your router is getting internet, it will work. otherwise, that setup won't work for you.

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    This is a three step process:

    First, one must connect to the device (the light) and get into its internal settings.  Open a browser window on your phone.  Follow instruction to find the IP address of the light.  Connect through your phone directly to the light's WiFi.

    That means your phone must disconnect from any other WiFi, meaning no Internet connection from phone to normal Wifi network to Internet.

    Second, do the settings of that light so it can find the local Wifi broadcast SSD and its password for connection to the wireless router you have.  That should take care of the light.

    Third, go to your phone's WiFi connection setup again, and find your wireless router's SSID name, and put in the password for it.  Your phone should be able to connect to Internet again through that local WiFi from the wireless router.

    After all that, you should be able to control that light from your phone by using the installed application.

    I had to do this for my video doorbell and my irrigation controller for remote control from my smart phone.

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    Is your phone also connected to the same Wifi network? Not cell network, but to the wifi that the bulb is using. 

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