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Patriots fans, you've met happy Cam. Are you ready to meet sour Cam?

Cam says the right things at first, but then doesn't live up to what he says. Then he turns sullen and surly when things don't go his way. I could see in his eyes before the game that he was mentally unprepared to play and win. Do you think Cam will make it through the entire season on the Pats roster?

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  • Mark
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    1 month ago
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    The Patriots may have gotten the Cam that didn't jump on the fumble in Super Bowl L.

  • 1 month ago

    His job as starter is at risk already.

  • bill
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    1 month ago

    I think Cam is a front runner good time Charlie . He's calling it in now because he sees they aren't winning a SB this yr and wants to save himself from injury .

    He will never be a role model to team mates.

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