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Why do racist date interracially?

First off im white girl my bf is black.We been dating for year now.i thought he was nice and sweet so we started dating.months in i notice he will say racist things about whites referring to me as pink pig woman and whites as pink toes and other deragotories.i asked him was he racist he will always say no.anyways i noticed alot of black pride things in his room and on his laptop i didnt think anything of it cause he is showing pride in his race,however i started to find genocidal things against whites and things and he will sometimes say slick remarks like blk genes overpower recessive genes and how white population is dying yet he keeps denying bein racist and i asked him if he hates whites why he dating me and he will say he hates no one i dont get it.why is he dating me if he racist against whites?


He is a lite skinned black male im a white female btw

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    This comes off as a troll post.

    If you're serious, then you need to have a conversation about what's bothering you. If this is in fact a real person who does exist. Then, it's going to be an ignorant person who doesn't have enough exposure in their social circles to diversity.

    Everyone from every race says ignorant things because of the lack of exposure to different cultures and races. Not exposing, not diversifying the social dynamics and not having conversations causes the problem.

    I'm in an interracial relationship too. We have to have conversations to clarify what's acceptable. We do that on race and sexism. Racism and sexism is a 2 way street. That goes for racial ignorance. EVERYBODY has their shortcomings in understanding to other races and having racial sensitivity.

    FYI, every person is entitled to pride related to their heritage and culture. BUT, black people are the only ones with a unique background where their history was displaced. They may not necessarily be able to tie it to a country of origin as everyone else can. As a result, black people are the only ones who claim pride in saying black girl magic, black pride. That's not different from Italian pride, Iris pride, Asian pride, Pinoy pride. People who can trace back their roots and have pride in their heritage is a powerful thing. This connection to history helps with giving a sense of belonging. That's different from racism, genocide-related things or nationalism. Like Aryan sentiment that lead to the Holocaust. While black people were robbed of that from the slave trade they have made history and taught the world important lessons in terms of slavery and equality. The message being black is beautiful is an empowering message not a black supremacy message. It's important because there are also old messages that kids from the 90s who are minorities grew up with where they weren't as good as white people. I've had Asian male friends who have admitted that there was a point in time they believed that as an Asian male they couldn't attract as many females as a white male. It's important to people's self-esteem, self-confidence that in times of disproportionate representation everyone of every race meets certain standards and they aren't less than white people based on the representation given to them by Hollywood films. When you're the minority, you get picked on for being and looking different. You should be able to relate if that pink piggy comment bothers you. Every minority has faced that feeling in this country. It's a mix of being picked on for being different, then feeling like an outsider, and feeling like you're being treated as less than because you are different. If you're feeling it with your boyfriend and that sucks but imagine feeling your whole childhood like that and your whole life on a regular basis. If you love your man, you want to empower him but not enable ignorance. That's also a 2-way street. You could be for example a fiery Italian-American, Irish-American or Columbian-American woman he loves very much.

    If the things he says about dominant genes offends you, you should talk to him. I've looked it up, growing up I assumed genes of black trait were the most dominant. An Asian person and a Black person make a baby that looks predominantly black but have very slight Asian features. It's not as obvious. From person experience and pictures, mixed black and white baby are kind of a mixed bag. There's a bigger range a mixed black and white baby have. They can look more black, more white or a completely different race. White people do have dominant genes. You guys could google it together. Then certain races mixing have common traits like when a white person and an East Asian person make a baby they have a slightly longer forehead.

    But if you do look at the world population in terms of race there's a good amount of white people but are not the largest ethnicity population on Earth. To be honest, it doesn't matter. Thousands of years from now, everyone is going to be mixed. If the idea of white genocide by repopulation scares you. Well, that's going to eventually happen to every race. If you and your boyfriend are truly not racist, it can be an interesting thing to wonder what your baby may look like but it shouldn't matter.

    I honestly thing you need to have a real talk with your boyfriend. The pink skin reference reminds me of a comment from Game of Thrones. If it offends you, you need to tell your boyfriend. It actually sounds like he's clueless. Mine says references to my race he thinks is cute but are racist comments so I had to clarify.

    to recap empower each other, don't enable the worst in each other, have empathy for each other and clarify the meaning and intention.

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    They don't, as a general principle.

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