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Does anyone recommended any immigration lawyers? Australian marrying an American?

Hi, I am Aussie and my boyfriend is American. We are planning on getting married next year and have had advice to get an immigration lawyer or get some assistance on our options. We hope to marry in the states on the K-1 visa as he cannot leave his job. Does anyone have any helpful advice? 

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    Actually, no attorney is necessary. Your bf can do all the work himself if he reads & follows directions! Most people filing for fiance (K-1) or spouse (CR-1) visas do not use any attorney. You can save $2000-5000 by doing it all yourself. IF you know you have problems & need an attorney, hire any AILA (immigration) attorney. But if you have problems, or do not meet requirements to qualify, don't bother hiring an attorney & do not file for the K-1! If you two do not qualify, an attorney cannot do anything for you. If you do fully qualify, there's really no point spending a great deal more money. 

    Qualifications: the sponsor (your fiance) must prove he earns enough to support self + all dependents + you, and has a suitable home in US for you. He needs current year paystubs & his last 3 years of US income tax returns. You both must prove you have met in-person, face-to-face - no email pals! Prove when, where, how you met, and how long you have been together in-person, and that the relationship has developed over time into a committed marital relationship. You will be interviewed, etc, at the US consulate nearest your home in Australia. 

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    Have him search "immigration rights groups" for wherever he lives.

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    He can do it himself, the process is clear on the US immigration sites.

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    You don't need an immigration lawyer, if the relationship is real and you can read the US immigration website, if he fits the financial criteria then he follows the steps clearly set out and applies for a  K1 lawyer can change anything, you either qualify for the visa or you don't, the application is exactly the same all you would be doing is paying legal fees for something you could do yourselves

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