CIBC IBB Collections?

Hi! So recently I had a little over $600 taken from my CIBC account. It was an IBB transaction, Vancouver Branch. I called CIBC and the guy basically told me that it was for a loan that I had with them. I only had overdraft protection and credit card with them. I paid the card off monthly till a few months ago. I damaged the card and haven’t bothered to pay it off/order a new one since. As for the overdraft, I never got the chance to pay it off. Anyway, after asking a question about the credit card I was transferred to another department. I asked what would happen to the credit card now that Cibc had received the money and he wasn’t sure! He wasn’t sure if I would be able to use it again or if it would be cancelled. He also said that if I was allowed to use it again, it would take 3-5 business days for credit to be available again. It’s been 3 days, nothing so far. Anyone have an idea on what happens after Cibc received the money?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Highly doubtful the card is still open.

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