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Why do humans think they have a right to experiment on animals?

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    I don't remember signing any contract upon my birth that says that no one should mistreat animals, or that we can't use animals and plants to our benefit (we in fact have to or we would die).  Does that concept mean that it is a "right" to do whatever we want?  I do not know anyone who thinks that.  Not a single person, even the most cold-hearted and selfish person that I know.  I am sure there are some just the same.

    There are some religious beliefs based on that very concept though, that man is separate from animals and "above" animals, so animals are there for us to use as we need them to be used.  Go argue with those folks.  I do.

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    Because anything goes in nature. It is a lawless jungle in nature. We can kill and eat animals, and animals can kill and eat us. Humans have been hunter gatherers since we evolved on the African savanna. We have evolved in certain ways because we often fell prey to wild animals. For example, women can become pregnant soon after giving birth because it helped us avoid extinction by evolving a higher birth rate than our closest relatives the apes. Apes lived in a safer environment, the forest, and they only have a single young every 5-7 years.

    Even today, hunting animals is allowed. Experimenting with animals is often a lot less harmful to the animals than killing them. It benefits us and it sometimes benefits the animals themselves to perform experiments in order to gain scientific knowledge. Experiment is not a dirty word. Many experiments do no harm to animals. For example, figuring out whether monkeys have a sense of justice by offering some of them grapes and others cucumbers is an animal experiment. It does no harm to the animals and we gain knowledge. People who categorically try to forbid animal experiments are rebels looking for a cause. They are angry and they are looking for excuses to commit violent crimes. 

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