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Correct any problems with abbreviations and numbers.?

1. 3 of my best friends have job interviews with I.B.M. 

2. At 8:00 pm, we left for Cooks Forest with Dr. Joshua Schwartz, MD. 

3. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA, is aggressively research- ing the origin of a new strain of virus. 

4. Here in the U.S., 1/4 of all women are victims of abuse. 

5. People between 30 and 45 make up one-third of our student body.

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    1.  Three. You don’t begin a sentence with a number. You write it out. IBM. 

    2.  8 PM. 

    3.  CDC. 

    4.  Fourth. 

    5. A third. I think one-third is find. 

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