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Dental abscess. Will it go away on its own?

Just FYI I am taking antibiotics. I'm on a 5 day course of Erythromycin. That's all the dentist prescribed me - I went there out of hours in an emergency.

The pain was excruciating for a couple days but now it's pretty much tolerable. I first noticed the abscess on Friday.

My cheek is swollen and my eye is slightly swollen on the same side. Only one side of my face is swollen (where the abscess is). The abscess is located at the top right of my gums, above one of my top teeth.

The swelling has gotten worse and not better. Will the antibiotics get rid of it eventually?

Also food doesn't taste the same - more bland, different.

What do I do? I considered booking an appointment with my dentist for a tooth extraction or root canal but it costs money I don't have until the end of this month, which isn't far (I'm in the UK).

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Abscesses will only get worse..

    Infection will build up, and spread through your system.. Sure it may take some infection away,  but it WILL come back.  I have had 3 abscessed teeth over my lifetime.  Trust me...get it worked on.

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    It needs to come out, an abscess shows that there is a problem with the tooth, most probably too late for a root canal. Make an appointment asap. The antibiotics can affect the taste of food.


    Source(s): I worked for a UK Dentist
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