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What does medium security prison mean? ?

Like what kind of prisoners would be there

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    To answer I will have to go through them all. At least where I'm from the top security prisons which are mostly category B serve the courts and it's where they see how you behave, if you have a short sentence or you behave difficult you just stay there or go to even stricter prison, category A, if you have a longer sentence then for most of it you go to medium security prison which is category C, then near the end is open prison, category D, when they are thinking of releasing you early or when you have nearly done all the time. Any kind of prisoner can be in any category, if they behave and if they have a long sentence the time moving down the categories is just more spread out and slower. The courts always send you to high security first, mostly because there is more of them but also, you could have committed a minor crime but that doesn't automatically mean they can trust you in more relaxed settings.

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