How come BLM rallies always end up with looting, but Trump rallies never end up with looting?


SIR- BLM rallies ALWAYS end with looting so deal with it.

Update 2:

BRIAN- Privileged white guys like you are not welcome at BLM rallies which is how i know you are lying. However BLM rallies have ended with looting in cities all across the nation.

Update 3:

Jessica- So you admit there is video evidence of BLM rioting, then accuse me of acting out of ignorance after viewing this evidence?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    (D) Governors & Mayors are literally condoning these riots, looting, & arson for 5  months now & stating that it is BLM/ANTIFA's duty to protest (spread COVID-19) while denying others to assemble in actual peaceful gatherings & worships. Joe Biden won't call upon (D) governors & mayors to do their jobs as elected officials to stamp out the riots with local, federal police, or national guard because ANTIFA & BLM are the voter base (D) are pandering to. POTUS keeps reminding (D) governors & mayors that it's their duty to protect communities & neighborhood as he is ready to provide the extra enforcement required, but (D)s refuses out of politics exposing their dis-concern with law abiding citizens & small businesses rights & safety.

    BLM has been instigating these riots since Michael Brown who they claim had his hands up, but Obama Admin investigation found that narrative was a lie as the dishonest witnesses keeps contradicting their past statements & honest witnesses came forward. 2 NYC minority Cops were assassinated by a BLM supporter as BLM chant's they want dead COPs wrapped in a blanket fry em' like bacon. Freddy Gray was trying to severely injure himself inside the police van to get paid as the Justice System in the US, unlike the rest of the world, if not most (Non-Western countries: Europe, N. American, Australia), US Law Enforcement is more than willing to pay. Why Benjamin Crump & Al Sharpton encourages insurrection & to resist arrest, because injuries or death that results means millions in settlement as they take a 50% or 70% cut.

    BLM sent Sub Saharan descent looters to Chicago's high end shopping district because a Sub Saharan teen pulled a gun & shot at police was killed after a quick response by Detroit police, body cams debunked the lies BLM spread. Sub Saharan descent BLM-ers looted a Target store because a BLM criminal committed suicide blowing his head off in front of a Target. Since late may these riots have been a daily occurrence with BLM being the main driver Fascist ANTIFA, Anarchist, & criminal gangs. BLM will exaggerate or blatantly lie about any incident they can use as an excuse to start riots & looting as Detroit Police Chief explains his knowledge of all these lies his known since the 1990s.

    These so called daily peaceful protests riots are very reminiscent of the Arab Spring/ISIS protest. Looting, destruction, & even rape & murder (Autonomous Zones) has nothing to do with peace or justice. It's just an excuse to intimidate & harm innocent people & business of a certain color which is by nature terrorism & racist. Terrorism doesn't always involve suicidal mass shootings & explosive bombs: the Hutu's used machetes, the Uighurs used knives, cars & trucks, criminals gangs/mobs (MS 13/Sinaloa Cartel) use machetes, chainsaws, guns, & fire bomb coctails, BLM/ANTIFA rioters uses firebomb coctails, bon fire, crowbars, bricks/rocks, fireworks, & guns. BLM/ANTIFA is looking much worst that Mussolini's Black Shirts, & Maduro's Collectivos in the amount of destruction they are causing.

    If riots & looting is just an idea or freedom of expression, then Property & Business owners should have the right to respond in kind at those threatening their lives & lively hood. What BLM & ANTIFA starts, those being attacked should finish. (Darwinism, Space exploration, National Socialism/Communism/Fascism, Eugenics/Planned Parenthood, all started out as an Idea that became establish)

    BLM have demonstrated to the world that they don't care about justice, Congoid lives or any lives such as Secoriea Turner, David Dorn, Bernell Trammell, Jessica Doty, Cannon Hinnant, Charles Nicholas Wall, Laura Anderson & other victims of BLM riots incited assassination of police, incited violence on any Europid descent, or victims of Congoid criminality in General as BLM encourages looting & burning communities touting their actions as reparations as they scream at, intimidate & threaten Europids, Persians, Levants, Arabs, Turkic, Oriental, Siberian, S/E Asian, S. Asian, Central Asian, East Asians, Amerindian... lives do not matter as much with their businesses & lively hood are burned to the ground. (BLM Congoid descent organizer in Chicago was on camera saying Riots & Looting are Reparation. In NYC a Congoid descent BLM leader said on camera they were going to burn down Diamond district) BLM chants Pigs in a Blanket' Fry em' like bacon, what do we want dead cops, & tags BLM & kill whites graffiti on vandalized & looted buildings, is reflective of their character & their erratic prehistoric behavior.

    Civil Rights Attorney/Activist Leroy Terrell stated "BLM is a shake down period", & that Sub Saharan run (D) cities are deflecting their weakness & incompetence on "systemic racism that doesn't exist in 2020". BLM/ANTIFA's quest for dismantling Law Enforcement is for BLM/ANTIFA & organize crime to be given permission to commit unrestricted crimes against Europids, Middle Eastern (Jews, Arabs, Persians Turks), East Asians & South Asians. BLM is bringing attention to their actions reminding the world how undisciplined, materialistic & violent their character & community all about. They have grown emboldened by (D)s encouraging & fully supporting their destructive behavior. Don't be surprised when they start lynching people which an elderly European descent female store owner have & a Senior citizen pulled out of a car beaten/lynch into unconsciousness by a mob of Sub Saharan descents screaming profanities posted on YouTube. Hundreds of racist attacks on Jews in crown heights Brooklyn by Sub Saharan descents are ignored or covered up by partisan news media because the racists are Sub Saharan descents. Lone Europids in Congoid cities are being surrounded by racist Congoids attacked with lumber, bricks, bicycles, & inside school busses calling their assaults as 'Polar Bear Hunting'.

    FBI Stats on Interracial crimes: European descent have a higher chance of being victim of interracial crimes. In Interracial Homicide 15% are Perpetrated by Sub Saharan descents upon Europids & 7% are Perpetrated by Caucasians upon Sub Saharan descents. There should be more emphasize on Interracial Homicides, Rape, Mob Assaults & Robbery. All interracial crimes 60,000 Blk victims by Wht perps; 600,000 Wht victims by Blk perps. 42% of cop killers are Blk 3.5 times more than the Blk population ratio.

    At 12% of the Population Congoids are already Committing twice the rate of the 72% of the Caucasian Population. If you adjust the Congoid Population to match Caucasian Population by multiplying 15% Interracial Crimes by 6 how will the total be, or Both Population can meet in the middle which is 36% therefore multiplying 15% by 3 and dividing 7% by 2 , the result is (B) criminals commits 45% interracial crimes vs (W) criminals commits 3.5% interracial crimes when equalizing population in the middle.

    Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, 2018 (Table 14)

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    Blk on Wht interracial rape is at 80%-90% annually. Wht on Blk rape is virtually 0 at 0.1% annually in terms of population. A Mulatta with a higher percentage of European ad mixture (60%-99%) has a higher chance of being raped by all degenerate of any ethnicity than a pure or mostly Congoid female. Must have something to do With the standards of beauty that Arabs-Islam created when purchasing wives or harems putting eastern Europeans on top, Northern Europeans 2nd; Assyrians, Persians, Southern Europeans, Mediterranean, Mongol, East Asian 3rd; Indian/south east Asians 4th; Australoid, Congoid/Capoid 5th.

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    In Intra-racial (same race) Homicide among Congoids is 89% & 82% among Caucasian (Europids, Arabs, Hebrews, Bedouins, Afghans, Turks, Persian), includes Mestizos in the mix. US law enforcement takes a lot of abuse, harassment, & assassination for being very soft & lenient to law breakers (only in America) attracting criminals across the world. US being the most lenient country in crime & punishment in the world contributes to large amount of re-offenses & incarceration rate.

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Looting, whether it's BLM or any of of the other usual suspects, is happening in the places where the local government tacitly accepts it. For instance even when people are arrested in Portland and Seattle they're released without charges the next day. Trump isn't holding rallies in Capital Hill or Chapman Square. 

    BTW, Brian Williams, "privileged white guys (and girls)" ARE welcome at the looting because that's what BLM and Antifa are made up of. You honestly sound like you've never even been to the west coast. This black v. white model might exist east of the Mississippi but out here there are always way more white people screaming in the faces of cops than there are actual African-Americans. In one of the most involved states both whites and blacks are minorities. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think the issue is that you just watch a clip  of one violent scene during a protest and assume everyone is violent. so it makes you a reactionary. even though you never stepped foot near a protest, and probably ignorant about the fact that millions went out in many different cities. 

    simply you projection out of ignorance is a result of you being brainfed with such tribalistic trump rhetoric. its really sickening

  • 1 month ago

    I don't think all BLM rallies end with looting. but can you answer me this:

    Why do several BLM rallies end with attacks(shootings or vehicular assaults) from Trump supporters but Trump rallies never get attacked By BLM supporters?

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  • 1 month ago

    Neither of the BLM marches I went to ended in looting.  Considering that there have been BLM marches nearly every weekend for several months in cities across the nation, clearly the vast majority of them never end in looting. 

    But you're a hell with facts and reality.

  • 1 month ago

    Trump supporters are busy lining up for the meth dealer.

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