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In Walmart why is no one there to help and explain products?

I was interested in a 4k uhd tv at walmart but wanted to know about the features and specs of the tv.

I wanted an employee to tell me about it but absolutely no one was available at all.

I asked a worker for help and he said he will get someone. But 30 minutes later nobody came and the worker who told me to wait was nowhere to be found.

Customer service desk had long lines of people wanting to return things.

I walked out. I ended up ordering LG tv from Amazon. 

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    I know what you mean. Every time I go in there the employees are rude and act like they don't even want to be there. Even the door greeters don't even greet people, they just laugh and talk to other employees and ignore the customers walking in. 

    It amazes me how bad customer service has gotten over the years. We live in a very screwed up world. 

  • 1 month ago

    You want cheap? You'll get no help. 

    You want help? It won't be cheap.  


    Stay out of the big W store.  

    I have Never spent any of my money in one, and I Never Will.     

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    You don't look like you can afford it, whenever I go to buy anything expensive, I wear a shirt and tie. The sales people can't get to me fast enough.

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