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Why did our parents look older than us when they were the same age?

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    1 month ago

    My parents sure didn't and still look "youthful" for their age, but my grandparents are another story.  I don't think it's just the money because one set were poor, both quit school at 12 and started a hard working life, while the other set were well to-do.  The "poor" grandparents ended up with a much higher standard of living but as children neither got enough dairy or meat and fruit and vegetables were mostly the potatoes and jam of the urban poor.  They both had oesteoporosis as old people and shrank considerably.  The other set had much better diets if their recollections are to be believed, and why not? but they suffered from poor health from their 50s even though my grandma lived until nearly 90.  

    I can only compare my parents to people around their age to say that they look youthful because as my folks they've looked "old" since forever my virtue of being my parents, but I was really brought up short the other week when my sister sent me a picture of us as kids with my grandparents.  In the picture my grandpa is younger than my partner's age now, but he looks old and my partner does not.  It's pretty mindblowing.  Oh, my mom is in the picture too and I swear she looks like a teenaged Kylie Minogue but since us kids are in the picture and my sister is walking she's actually almost 37!  Nobody thought I was skipping school when I was 37.

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    That is a very interesting question. It has a lot to do with our diet and living standards today. We dont really think much of it but it plays a huge role.

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