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Ovulation question?

I ovulated already but my cervix hasnt lowered and it is now feeling kinda soft and high high and VERY open (more than when I was ovulating.) My CM this morning was creamy today. What's this mean? Usually my cervix becomes medium length and cm is drier and slightly open and kind of hard. Right no it's high, open, soft and creamy off and on. What's thsi mean?

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    How do you know you already ovulated.  

    Could have you misread earlier symptoms and ovulation is actually happening now?

    Slight changes in hormones can be a tricky thing to determine and it could be as simple as a slight hormone difference this month compared to other months.

    If your period doesn't arrive on time - wait a few days and then take a pregnancy test.  

    I am guessing you are monitoring signs and symptoms in an attempt to conceive - so good luck.  

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    maybe you should talk to your doctor about it

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