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What kind of friendship is this?

I have a friend that I speak to everyday. We talk about a lot of stuff and often times we talk about our mental health, the really dark stuff. We always joke about it and make fun of each other. He never shows me empathy and I barely show him (although I think I do it more than what he has ever done.) He has also told me that he wouldn't really be sad if I died. It doesn't really faze me because I'm used to it. I often feel like he's a competition and he has said that he sees me as one as well. Like its always about who has the worst mental health, who's the skinniest (to the point where I developed an eating disorder and self harm behavior) etc. I do like talking to him and he's my only "friend" ,no lie. Is he a sociopath? Is he a narcissist? I just wanna get to the bottom of this friendship.....

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    Have a new friend

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    that dont sound like a friendship at all

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    Go to closest Psychiatric emergency room..

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    We don't know what he is. We do not know him and are not mental-health professionals. We cannot diagnose him -- or you.

    I suggest that you talk to your therapist about him and about whether this supposed "friendship" is really healthy for you. I suggest that it is not.

    If you don't have a therapist, why not?  You clearly need one.  Anyone who's been dealing with an eating disorder and self-harm, plus apparent other issues, does.

    Good luck.

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