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Does the smallpox and  Polio virus mutate ?

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    of course, they do.. all viruses do and all living creatures do.. some viruses are particularly good at genetic mutation, like HIV and Viral Hepatitis B and C.. which is why doctors have a much harder time treating HIV or chronic viral Hepatitis, compared to the measles and (yes) COVID-19..

    HIV and Hepatitis C often mutate to hide from the immune system, like a criminal changing his disguise or his appearance frequently.. but viruses like the Measles, Smallpox, Polio and coronaviruses mutate in a far lesser rate.. this give us a real fighting chance to eradicate them from the face of the planet..

    thanks to the WHO, the WHO had managed to eradicate the Small Pox from existence in 1979 (except of small lab samples).. and the WHO had set a target to eradicate the Polio in the year 2023 despite of the COVID-19 pandemic..

    the Measles was on its way to extinction with the best estimates in  2000 that predicted that we would eradicate the Measles from our planet by 2025.. unfortunately, antivaxxers and the anti-vaccination movement completely destroyed that hope into uncertainty.. and we saw a steady rise in the number of cases of Measles cases in mid 2000s to 2019.. we have COVID-19 to thank for limiting the Measles spread in 2020 (with schools closed, lockdowns, wearing masks and distancing) but the damage is already done, and the 2025 target to eradicate the Measles is no longer a valid prediction..

    and with the United States pulling from the WHO by July 2021 (president Trump has given a 1 year notice to withdraw from the WHO last July), it is uncertain whether the world could see the end of the Measles in this decade..

    as for COVID-19 coronavirus, it is more likely that it would follow the footsteps of SARS coronavirus.. SARS coronavirus (better known as SARS-CoV) had terrorized many Asian countries in 2000s to mid 2010s.. but in 2020, many Asians (in Asia) who get SARS now, often develop the Common Cold symptoms instead of the Seasonal Flu symptoms..

    Flu-like symptoms is mainly cough, fever, and lung problems like pneumonia, ARDS, difficulty in breathing and death.. Common Cold symptoms is mainly running nose and maybe some fever and mild cough..

    there are over 200 viruses implicated with the common cold.. 15% of them are in the Human Coronaviruses family.. so if you ever had a cold before, there is a 15% chance that you have had coronavirus before.. and this is why many people are apparently immune against COVID-19 coronavirus because of partial immunity against a Human coronavirus..

    after the SARS epidemic that had killed several people in Asia in more than a decade.. many people developed an immunity against the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in 2020.. and those people in 2020 would develop the milder Common Cold symptoms but not the deadly Flu-like symptoms that kills people..

    it is predicted that SARS will become a common cold illness in few more years with only running nose and maybe some cough and mild fever.. COVID-19 coronavirus (better known as SARS-CoV-2) is expected to be like the original SARS-CoV in 2030.. and COVID-19 may become a common cold illness in 2040.. both COVID-19 coronavirus and SARS coronavirus, will join the Human coronaviruses family in causing the common cold in few more years..

    they are 2 ways to achieve the "herd immunity" that people often talk about.. one way is called the "natural immunity" that naturally develop over years, decades and sometimes generations - and by definition, it happens naturally and humans cannot do much about it.. and "vaccines" as the second option..

    vaccines should be seen as another tool to fight off the pandemic.. vaccines are equally important as mask-wearing, social-distancing, had-washing, lock-downs, quarantine and isolation.. and it is WRONG to think of a COVID-19 vaccine as our saviour in our current pandemic.. it is more likely that the government would prescribe to mask-wearing, lock-downs, distancing and all other stuff for 2 more years AFTER a COVID-19 vaccine was made available to everyone..

    this was apparent when the director of the CDC was asked about a COVID-19 vaccine in a Senate hearing, he started talking about masks and hand-washing as if they were more important to talk about than a COVID-19 vaccine - and he was absolutely right.. having a vaccine now, is only the beginning of the journey.. `



    sceptics and antivaxxers are only making this journey harder and longer for everyone.. they would prefer to see more people get sick and die; and wait until everyone gets the natural immunity - that BY DEFINITION cannot be rushed by man, and take several years sometimes generations to achieve..

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