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I have had probable concussions that were untreated in the past. Today, I accidentally slammed the back of my head on a glass table when I was retrieving something and all of a sudden became dizzy and nauseous (extremely). Would it be possible that I sustained a concussion? I know it isn't a lot of force, but I am suffering from a few symptoms. Thanks for your help. 


Symptoms are becoming worse-especially the nausea and dizziness. 

Update 2:

Symptoms are becoming worse-especially the nausea and dizziness. 

Head feels heavy, and bad headache still remains

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    any cerebral concussion must be seen by a doctor.. cerebral concussion by definition is a temporary injury to the brain.. the best way i can describe it, is when you accidently knock the laptop off the table..

    the laptop may freeze, restart and it may recover within seconds.. but if the laptop is physically damaged, you would not be able to use the laptop for the rest of the day..

    cerebral concussion (or CC because i am too lazy to type cerebral concussion again and again) lasts about 24 hours and its symptoms is described with dizziness, mild nausea, some vomiting and generally not feeling well.. but if it lasts more than 24 hours or had severe symptoms like extreme vomiting, losing consciousness and/or difficulty to regain consciousness, then brain damage becomes the diagnosis..

    just like a laptop that was knocked over, the physical damage may only require format, delete all the corrupted data on the hard disk/SSD, and re-install Windows, MacOS or whatever the operating system it uses.. but it can be severe and costly that requires replacing the motherboard or the screen.. in cases of brain damage, sometimes rest, medication, time and monitoring at the hospital are all needed, and sometimes brain surgery is called.. `



    now.. back to your question.. the part about the dizziness and extreme nausea is the confusing part.. if you still have them after the fall regardless of when it started, then i prefer to appear cautious and say that you are having CC.. some may argue that the nausea and the dizziness started before the fall, so it is not CC.. but a good doctor is a safe doctor.. and my guess is that this is a CC and my advice is to seek help at a local clinic, or at the emergency department (ER or A&R) if the dizziness and the nausea are really bad.. `



    do not be alone.. have someone drive you to the clinic or the hospital.. and.. and all the best..

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