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Why is it that you fit a child on a bike by making sure the ball of their feet can touch the floor, but adults are fitted differently? ?


Adults are fitted that their not able to have the balls of their feet touching the floor.

Update 2:

To ?. Yes. I understand this, but I feel like I have more control of my bike. Setting my seated to be able to touch the ground. Cause every time I stop and have to get off the saddle. I tip over the wrong way. 😞

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    Because children don't have the same sense of balance as yet that adults do.  DUH! 🙄  By the age of 8 or so, they should be able to raise the saddle so their legs extend, just like an adult.  

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    Adults SHOULD be able to touch the ground with their foot. Usually, children's bikes are fitted so their feet can be FLAT on the ground while they sit. 

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    Children are clumsy and fall over, so you make sure they can touch the ground to avoid this.

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