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I need help in getting rid of my roommate’s boyfriend.?

My roommate is in a long distance relationship and he came in July. She asked if it was okay for him to stay for a month since they are LDR and that they haven’t seen each other in a long time. I said okay because I felt bad that they haven’t seen each other in a long time. After a month and a half, which was over the one month agreement, I went Wisconsin to train for a new job. Apparently while I was away, he came back and starting “living” there for 2 more weeks. And up until now, he is still here. I told my roommate that I don’t want him here all the time because that’s not what I signed up for. She said he won’t leave until the end of December and I was shocked. None of this was discussed with me and their made up their agreements on their own. She told me that she specifically remembers telling me that I agreed to him staying until December. She never told me and I never agreed. I thought I was being very generous with one month. My other friends who have roommates will usually kick them out by the end of one week, let alone a month. I spoke to my roommate about this and she basically said, “too bad. He’s not leaving until the end of December.” What can I do? The leasing office is not helping.

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    If possible, look for another place to live behind your room mates back. Tell the landlord that you can't possibly live in the same apartment as this guy and that you would like to get off the lease for obvious reasons.

    Have his name put on the lease since he is also there, and that you will be taken off, and free to look for a new place to live.

    You will need to be real nice with the landlord to get her to help you out.

    This is a very tough spot to be in. 

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    Yuck! This whole sitch sucks! The leasing office is most likely not helping as this is a civil matter, not criminal, and they would need to take the issue with whomever's name is on the lease, ie you about having people in your home who are not on the lease and the only route would be to warn you and evict you for not listening. 

    With so many barely being able to pay rent, the least of their desires is getting rid of full rent paying tenants. Which sucks!

    The only way to fix this is to get gangster. Does he get mail there? If yes, ur screwed. Does he have clothing stashed there? If yes, ur screwed. Why do I ask this? Well, u can call the police and they will ask u is he a tenant? U say, no. He is not on the lease. Yet, this still is not enough as they will ask him if he has a piece of mail showing he lives there(address on the envelope). If he does not have this, they will then ask does he have his clothes/belongings there? If he says, yes, you just tell them he brought that here yesterday and I want him out. 

    Show them the lease and he has no mail coming and that ur roomie just let her boyfriend stay a couple days and now he wont leave. They will tell him to leave as he is causing a disturbance. This will piss ur roommie off and u two will be fighting like cats and dogs as he tries to make a way in this town with no roof over his head and may even come back when the coast is clear and thats when u call again and go from there. 

    If he does show them mail and belongings, they will tell u its a civil matter and that although he is not on the lease, you will need to file to legally evict him. The eviction process usually takes 2.5 months from start to finish, by which point he will be out(allegedly, according to ur roommie). 

    Its this or see if ur friends can talk some sense into her. 

    PS: I hate ur roommate. What a slore! 

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