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Should I cancel trick or treating this year due to the pandemic?

I have two kids, aged 7 and 9 who are angels. Well behaved, good grades, and I hate to deny them this time honored tradition that they earned with their good behavior and always look forward to.

I also have an even bigger motive to keep them safe.

My understanding is that when you wear a mask, it protects those around you more than it protects yourself, so the homeowner would also have to be wearing a mask.

And if I take my kids trick or treating, I can wear a mask, I can require them to wear a mask, but that is where my control ends.

If we go to a doorstep and ring the bell, I don't know in advance if whoever answers the door will be wearing a mask or not.

And when I find out, it's too late then, they've already been in close contact.

Is there any way whatsoever to do this safely, or should I just buy them an assortment of candy this year?

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  • donnie
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    4 weeks ago

    Uggg let them be kids. Its not like you can’t find a costume without a mask. Beside they don’t work anyways and COVID-19 is a big power grab. Ignore the boring people who want to spook you (lol) and ruin all your fun 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They sound good children who are well cared for, why do they need more nice things when they have plenty? It's a bad tradition anyway and there will be other years. I find it quite rude to beg for sweets off strangers you'll do nothing for. But it's a tradition in another country, it's how they do things so it's up to them. It's not even a part of the original halloween festival. So not much of a tradition really.

    They could be surgeons lol so wear masks and gloves? Or get creative and think of things they can do in doors just for 1 year.

  • 1 month ago

    If you are a responsible parent and you care about your children, explain to them that it is not safe and even candy can have germs when given by strangers, so stay home and carve a pumpkin, share out the candies at home and have a costume party and take lots of pictures and videos in the safety of your own home. 

  • T-half
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    1 month ago

    I liked the candy, and I really liked dressing up and walking around with all my friends (& volunteered with walk with my neighbor's kids). 

    Yes, cancel trick or treating for this year.However, ask them what They would like. fun size candies, full size bars, milk shake, gum, or cashmake a tent fort and watch a movie,scavenger hunt inside the house, hide the pumpkin (or easter eggs) Be sure to have the decorate the pumpkins before Halloween. Get small white trash bags and fill with leaves or newspaper (to make the head) then hang from trees.Can one friend each come over?  Maybe relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. Four max.

    Have a little party. Spaghetti becomes brains, red Kool-aide is blood.  or make a play with slime

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    YES. I don't encourage Halloween anyway, but this year, nothing Halloween-like compares to reality. Besides, people will unfortunately still trick-or-treat and go to other gatherings, so I GUARANTEE the US is about to see a major spike in cases. Don't let your kids be a part of it!

  • Mike H
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    1 month ago

    Buying them a candy assortment is a great idea. Or bake fancy themed Halloween treats like cupcakes or cookies. You can still have them dress up in their costumes and take pictures of them posing, then watch a cool scary movie together. Halloween doesn't have to be canceled, just done safely.

  • 1 month ago

    Simple; ring the bell and then stand back away from the door with your kids. If the person answering the door is wearing a mask, approach and have some Trick or Treat. If they're NOT wearing a mask, say thanks and walk away. Problem solved. Have fun!

  • A.J.
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    1 month ago

    It's droplets from lungs into exhaled breath that spreads the infection. Overall, I can't say it's a good idea to be doing anything unnecessary. Overall, candy isn't even good for anyone.  Even if the kids and you don't get very sick from an infection, so many people are vulnerable and the infection spreads and in the USA is absolutely out of control still. 

    What would please them in something not very expensive but possible to do even if at a later date. Bake holiday cookies or candied apples, or a special ice cream sundae with them. Just stay home again and watch appropriate holiday movies and find either a gift or travel location as a reward.  I don't know your location but usually there is some location worth visiting, or some gift(s) that would please them as much as knocking door to door. They're old enough to explain to them why it's being done. Are your parents or aunt/uncle or older still alive? You tell them it is done for them, and everybody's grandparents.

    Outdoor activity as a family is considered safe. Is an outdoor barbeque possible and unusual for you? You need to think about what activity you can do together as something special. Or any type of activity or indoor activity kit. It's about what they like that is not within normal. 

    I've seen ideas presented of reverse Halloween, kids on lawns and people drive by and toss candy bags at them.

    I've seen where neighborhoods create pully rope systems.

    The ideas are OK, but we're at a time of safety first. 

    Maybe something like an Easter Egg hunt equivalent. Make or buy little containers. Put a $2 bill in each of them. Hide them around the house, apartment, yard  if your place is big enough. Let them find them. It's all about ideas.


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