Anyone have any good Instagram bios for a new photographer?

I’m in no way a professional photographer but it’s been an interest of mine since I got my first camera in 2007. I take a million pics of my 20 nieces and nephews and all my brothers and sisters come to me when they need pics. I’m a full time nanny but I’d love to do photography on the side for fun but still make some $$$. I got the photography setup (lights, backdrops, etc) and made an Instagram to get my name out there. Now I just need a bio for it but this is where I’m literally stuck and can’t think of anything to put. Looking for ideas on what to put for a bio. 

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  • Sumi
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    4 weeks ago
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    Read other bios of popular IG photographers.  Take notes as to what they've written and incorporate details the same way.  Almost all people really do not care about the bio when looking at images.  Good work is what will get you ahead on IG not your bio.

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