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Giant Fastroad Advanced bike ?

Is this a good bike for 25 mile x2 commute M-F? 

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    Talk to people who actually commute by bike and find out what works for them. A quality bike with fenders, enough spokes, a rack or bags, and wider tires will be only marginally slower on the road to work but will perform MUCH better for you overall. It will probably be a lot cheaper than a high-end racing-style bike, too.

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    Great...if you're not carrying or adding any additional weight.  It's meant to be a bike purely for exercise.  A true "commuter bike" will have fenders, a rear rack & panniers to carry extra stuff.  It'll be slower but more versatile.  If you need to change clothes upon arriving at work, I'd suggest something like this Fuji.

    You can add those fenders, a rear rack & panniers easily.  It's $1,400 less.  That's a huge chunk of change in my book.  

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    For $2,100, it better be.  A Shimano 105 group-set is damn near top-of-the-line.  Plus the 700x32c tires will ride smoother on rough city streets compared to skinnier 700 X 25 or 700 X 28 tires.  It'll be a little slower than bikes with narrower tires - but ride smoother.  

    But...two things I don't like about it for "commuting".  1) Only 24 spokes per wheel vs. stronger wheels with 28 or 32 spokes.  Hopefully, you're not an overweight person.  More weight if you plan on adding a rear rack & panniers (saddle bags) to store a lock & maybe a change of clothes.    

    2) I'm not a fan of hydraulic brakes vs. mechanical brakes which use cables, similar to shift cables.  One air pocket or bubble in the line could result in poor braking power or none at all.    

    Suggestion: DON'T buy on impulse.  Go look at at least 3 or 4 other bikes.  Wanna know what type of bike will go to hell & back without a flaw?  A touring bike.  Built like a tank to to take the rigors of everyday cycling PLUS haul weight.  Granted with a steel (chromoly) frame & fork, it'll be heavier & slower.  With something like this Marrakesh touring bike from Salsa, you could also add FENDERS - especially important when caught in an unexpected shower or rolling through puddles.

    My own 2011 Raleigh Sojourn touring bike now has OVER 13,000 trouble free miles on it.  I haul groceries with in LARGE panniers.  Sadly, Raleigh no longer makes a touring bike.  


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