Partner not sharing his money...?

Okay, I don't know if I have right to feel this way... but lately I've been feeling annoyed...

The thing is we don't have that much money. We have 2 kids and can barely afford as it is. Evey night I calculat bills to make ends meet. I calculate so I can use the last $20 or so exactly, obviously on food.

I even try to push the bill so my partne can get at least $50 to himself. Obviously sometimes he cant.

The problem is this week he's getting $500 and he's buying himself a ne comouter part and won't share the other $200. Last night I had to feed daughte ice bubble fo dinner because he wouldn't help buy the food...

This is where I've drawn the line... I never get money to myself... Every thing goes to bills, kids or the house. He hasn't offered to share even a bit kf the money and last night when I hinted about the food situation he made it sound like he earned the extra money and that it was his and his alone...

I'm just sad that I try so hard to care for his feelings and giving him my money whenever I get paid but when he earns extra, aparently it's just his...

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  • Ana
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    1 month ago

    You need to be smart and figure out a way to earn more money. I see people working for minimum-wage at McDonald’s, and they’re just not very bright, they can’t figure out a way to get a better job. Yet I can bet you money those empty-headed people go home and frown and wonder about why they’re broke.

    Meanwhile I own a remodeling company and I make like $2000 per sales appointment I sell (and I sell about 1 out of 3). Thats $650 or so per appointment which only takes like 1 hour.

    Again, you need to get smart and you need to figure out a way to make more money. There’s lots of ways out there. I didn’t go to college at all, but I have $170,000 in the bank, from my small business I own and I own 2 homes 

    My point is that you can be like that too, you just have to get smarter and you have to learn quickly 

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  • David
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    1 month ago

    OK, it took me a while to analyze this situation, to see the big picture.  The big picture is, you are frustrated with your husband for a situation that is bigger than your husband.

    The real problem is, you two don't earn enough money to make ends meet.  Apparently he has a job and so do you, so it's not his problem and it's not your problem.

    You are getting all upset over him not sharing money with you.  WHAT money?  OK, so he got $500 and spent it foolishly.  I can understand you being frustrated with that.  But if you FOCUS on that specific issue, then you are totally missing the real problem.

    Let's say he gave you the $500 instead of spending it on a computer part.  Then you might spend the $500 over the next week or two, on whatever you feel you should be spending it on.  Then the money is gone.  NOW WHAT?  You see...the $500 being spent foolishly was a momentary blip on the radar.  Nothing to get upset about.  ONE of you was going to spend it, and then it would be gone...

    The big picture is, you two are worried about how to pay for food.  And even if he gave you all the money he earns, you two would still be worried about how to pay for food.  That is tough.  

    If you live in the United States, there are many social programs available to help you.  You can get food stamps, you can find local food banks to give you free food.  In the long-term, one or both of you should work toward finding better, higher paying jobs.  But that is a long-term goal.  For the moment, find a way to help get food paid for.  When you stop worrying about food being scarce, a lot of other problems will be easier to deal with.  You might even realize that what you THOUGHT was a problem, was not really a problem at all...

  • 1 month ago

    Are you sharing your money? Unlikely.

  • 1 month ago

    I think you are sexist.  Please don't attack men in this way.

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