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Can I call the cops on my roommate’s boyfriend?

My roommate’s boyfriend has been living with us for over 1.5 months. I told my roommate many times that I don’t want him to stay with us and she said there’s nothing she can do because he’s staying with us until February. At first she told me that he was only gonna stay for a month. After I questioned why was he still here after 1 month and 1 week, she told me that she never said he was staying for only one month, but instead he’s staying until February of 2021. I’m done being nice. I repeatedly told her that I didn’t sign the lease to live with her and her boyfriend. He is freeloading off of us and I’m done. I don’t even care about our friendship anymore. Can I call the police on him because technically he isn’t on the lease and he is not allowed to live with us. We live in a luxury apartment in downtown Chicago. I called the building management and they said they can’t kick out a guest??? If they can’t, can I call the police and have him removed off the property? His name is not on the lease.

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    Tell the la dlkrd since they accept the guest as a tenant. You will only be paying 1/3 of the rent. Tell your friend the same thing as well as you are only paying 1/3 of the cable, Internet, electricity and all other overhead costs that were previously equally shared.

    Pay your 1/3 rent directly to the landlord and remind him that because he is not evicting the freeloader  you are not paying his share of the rent as the lease has been verbally changed due to the landlord's acceptance of a third resident.


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    You can call the police and they'll tell you that because this is a civil matter there's nothing they can do. Instead, you tell the building management, in writing, that you are a tenant and this person is not your guest and that you want him removed or you will contact your attorney to invalidate the lease.

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    Not a police issue at all.  He is there with permission of a tenant, her.  So no, you cannot do that.

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    You can't call the police because he's an invited guest. Yes--he's violating your lease. So you call your landlord, not the cops. It's the landlord's responsibility to pressure your roommate to remove this unwanted guest and to enforce the lease agreement. Not a police matter. 

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    You can speak to the landlord - you might then all get evicted.

    Read the lease and see what it says about people living that aren't on the lease, or has any clause on how long guests can stay etc. 

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    No the police do not deal with civil matters, only criminal matters.....

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    no ...................................

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    Call the cops for what?  He may not be on the lease but he still isn't doing anything illegal, so there is nothing the cops can do. You said you called the building management, but did you call the landlord/ owner. If that is the same as the building management, then sucks for you, but if not then you can try calling them and complaining. If the owner/ landlord refuses to do anything, then there isn't really alot you can do. The cops can't do anything (this isn't illegal) and since he has the support of one person who signed the lease, you can't evict him. If you simply left, or refused to pay rent, eventually this would come back to bite you. 

    My best advice is to wait until he leaves or the lease is up and then move if he never leaves. It has occurred to you that since your roommate lied once about when he is going to leave, she is likely lying again about him leaving at the end of February and he'll possibly never leave.  Could you refuse to pay more than 1/3rd the rent, since he is now living here?

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    The police will not get involved. Management COULD intercede if they wanted to; they COULD start eviction if there is an illegal tenant - but the eviction would be against EVERYONE, including you. If management doesn't want to do anything about it, your only avenue is suing your roommate in civil court for the BFs share of expenses.

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    common sense tells you to NOT PLAY GAMES WITH THE LANDLORD.   you need to make 1 rent payment from the 3 of you to the landlord.

    no it is not the landlords responsibility to mediate issues between you and roommate....if landlord wants to make an issue of will be with you and roommate violating the lease...not the 3rd person...

    nope.................make an issue of it and you all get evicted by the landlord.

    there is something she can do, she just doesn't want to.

    play dirty, reduce your contribution toward the rent...only pay 40% instead of 50 (I assume you have your own room and they share)....if utilities aren't in your name, pay less....

    tell her he needs to at least pay his share.

    he is a legal resident, not a guest.  if roommate were willing, she would have to issue him a notice of termination of tenancy, in most states, he could still stay through November.

    realize you risk getting evicted if roommate refuses to cover BF's portion.

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