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What are the effects of exposing the brain to the cold?

What are the effects of cold in the brain?

I have often thought of putting a bag of glasse on my head to cool my head when I feel it gets a little too hot. And resting is no longer enough since it happens too often.

So I wondered if it is good or bad for the brain.

And I'm not talking hypothermia here.


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    If you're too hot you can just put a cold washcloth over your forehead and have a cool glass of lemonade. You can't cool your brain that way. Your body adjusts to temperatures and always keeps it at 98 degrees. The exception is if you're freezing to death in a blizzard..

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    The brain seems to work better in the cold.

    But not cold enough to freeze.

    Remember heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

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    Not good at all.  It will make you think irrationally  at 90F.  Below that, you will pass out and won't be thinking ANYTHING.  If it's a medical procedure, it will be fine, but if you are lost in cold weather, you will probably die.

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