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i just found out i have stage 1 breast cancer Im not looking for advice but maybe some insights?

I just found out I have stage 1 breast cancer. On November 23rd they want to cut out the cancer and some tissue around it. Then they want to do 6-8 weeks of radiation five days a week. I don’t have a problem with that. They mentioned however, they want me to take a pill every day for five years. The pill they said may cause me to grow facial hair,and fail to lubricate on my own during sex. Obviously I have a bit of a problem with that as I am recently married as was single until I was 40. I am a 43 year old woman. I would take the pill without hesitation if those were the only side effects. They said, its probably more of a garuntee than a side effect, but that I will likely experience bone loss. I have a big problem with that. I was a single obese mom for many years. I am recently married and have recently lost a lot of weight. The thing I love to do is hike. I climb mountains. Will this cancer pill potewntially slow me down. Also on what scale will the medication ill take for five years effect my sexuality. Could I get better with them removing the 8 mm of cancer and some surrounding tissue and taking the two months of radiation without taking the pill?

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    Some types of this cancer is caused by hormones. The pill will stop the cancer growing back. I'm sure that you can take medication to stop the bone loss,

    I would rather take a pill a day than worrying about the cancer coming back.

    You really need to talk this over with your specialist.

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    Do what you are told, when women have died of this it's often because they went against recommendations.

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