Unable to Sign & Submit on Healthcare.gov application?

I am trying to enroll after loss of coverage on my health insurance

My issue is on the Sign & Submit page. When I electronically sign my application, a dialogue box appears and says submitting. However, the dialogue box disappears and I remain on the Sign & Submit page. I appear to be stuck on this page. 

I decided to hit the home button and the application says pending. So I click on it, fill out the application again, get to the Sign & Submit page, and then it won't submit. The dialogue box appears, says it is submitting the information, and then I stay on the same page. I cannot advance to a completed application.

Any suggestions?

1 Answer

  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Call whatever 1-800 number and see how much they got and finish up over the phone.   Get prepared to wait on hold, but be glad that this is still an option despite Republicans trying to dismantle it voraciously.

    Good luck to you. 

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