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Need to write a Pep-9 program that gets character from user, prints C(capital)L(lowercase)V(vowel) N(number) E(even) O(odd) or ?(spec char) ?

1. Get a character from user using character input. After you read the character in, print the character and then a line break so the output is not jumbled together. 

2. Determine if the character is a capital letter (C), lowercase letter (L), number (N), or other character (?). 

3. Print C, L, N, or ? To the screen according to the character on the next line. 

4. If the user entered any type of vowel, print (V) on the next line. 

5. If the user entered an even number, print (E) on the next line, and (O) for odd. 

6. Prompt user until q/Q is entered. Program should stop if this character is entered. 

7. Your program should not have any output other than charin, and there should not be a lookup table of every possible value. 

8. Additionally, place dashes between execution sweeps. 

Cannot get past branching to see if there is a vowel. Program keeps running through and printing V no matter what. 

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