Heated weighted COMFORTER ?

I’m looking for a queen size comforter that is both heated and weighted. I’ve only been able to find a comforter that is heated or weighted, but not both which is what I need. 


1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I don't think they exist.

    It's a bad idea to sleep in an electrical field anyway.

    If you must have heat AND weight, get a weighted blanket and a heated mattress pad.  

    Years ago I lived in a home I heated primarily with a wood stove.  Those take a bit to heat up the house and my bedroom was at the opposite end of the house.  When I got home to tired or late to build a fire, I'd fire up my heated mattress pad and get the bed nice and toasty, then turn off the heat when I got into the bed so I wasn't sleeping in an electrical field.

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