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Do you think schools will be more flexible with attendance policies since people who go out of state, are exposed, or have a cold have to ?

Stay out of school for two weeks with the new rules?

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    Agreeing with Expat's answer here. My kids' school district follows a hybrid schedule, meaning they're attending virtually about half the time. Our 10yo developed a stomach ache and was sent home from school, along with his three siblings as a precaution. They then had to be cleared by a doctor to return (fortunately, all was fine) or they had to attend virtually for the next ten days.

    So when it comes to physical attendance, the district is, technically speaking, more lenient. The district also has a policy that any student can attend entirely virtually at any point; the kids next door have been exclusively cyber students all year so far. However, all the students still have to check in virtually and complete their work by the due dates; they can't just loaf around if they have a mere cold. 

    For the lower grades, their teachers are more lenient on virtual attendance because this is a lot for the kids to remember. My kiddos have sometimes forgotten to check in to the virtual attendance link but have submitted their classwork in real time throughout the day, so the teachers still marked them present.

    Now, I guess if a school district didn't have any capability of putting the work online they'd have to send home ditto packets and be more lenient on how they report attendance.

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    No, not necessarily. Now that everyone has made adjustments to online classes absences are no longer going to be seen as simply missed classes. Students will have to complete the same work they would in class via online resources. So attendance requirements will still be met if the student maintains the work for the missed classes. That’s what my university is doing. 

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