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Does speed of drinking affect liver differently? ?

Drinking quicker gets you drunk quicker, but does drinking quicker cause more harm to the liver?

Always under the impression, speed doesn't matter as the liver will only process what it can, so if you drink more quickly, more alcohol will stay in your blood until liver professes it.  

So drinking 3 pints on 30 minutes over 3 pints in 2 hours is just the same amount for the liver to process.  

Asking as I prefer to shot my drinks over gassy beer


I'm not talking about other things consumed while drunk, I'm talking about strictly alcohol consumed quicker than normal?  It's still the same amount no matter what.  Or am I missing something?

Not a child question, actually a very common question. 

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    Of course it does.  If you have three shots in a row vs. three shots over three hours it will affect your entire body (and mind) differently.

    When you drink alcohol, which is basically a poison (no judgement here, I'm just sayin...) your liver will process that first, before it does anything else.  So if you have a couple cocktails, then dinner with wine and then dessert, you are putting a big load on your liver.  First it will process the alcohol, then the sugar, then everything else. 

    If you stick to clean spirits (like upper shelf vodkas and white agave tequila) or lower sugar white wines, you are better off than sugary mixed drinks or heavily impure spirits.

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    Only Children ask these sorts of questions, because Adults don't need to. 

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