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Does anybody know about good boxer breeders in or near New Jersey? ?

Our family does not agree with clipped tails or ears.

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    You can contact the national breed club & find out where the reputable breeders are in your state.

    They can steer you away from the BYBers & only give you the reputable breeders list.

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    sorry, but no. Thank you for informing me on the tail thing, I didn't understand that before but I'll keep it in mind from now on. On the other hand, I find it absolutely disgusting that they slit the dog's ears open and stuff them to make them stand up straight. I found this picture on the home page of the website that was recommended by the American Kennel Club.

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     Try the American kennel club breeder listings

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    All good Boxer breeders would have their pups tails docked between 2 and 5 days old.  So, you won't be finding a GOOD breeder that would be selling pups with their natural tails.  Cropped ears are a whole different ballgame.  Most good breeders do have their pups ears show cropped before selling them as well too, BUT if they know for SURE that certain pups will never meet up to the breed standard and will only be sold as pets, then it's possible that they "may" not crop those puppy's ears.  That is up to each individual breeder.

    While ever single purebred dog has it's own individual traits, perhaps it's possible there are other breeds that have similar traits of a Boxer, but not a breed that is normally docked or cropped.  Good luck, but do NOT sell yourself short by choose a crappy backyard breeder just because they choose not do dock tails.  You could end up with a puppy with a TON of health issues, and I can tell you for a FACT that they can have serious cardio (heart) problems that can cause death at a very early age.  GOOD BREEDERS can now and DO test breeding stock for those exact cardio problems.  (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) 

    Do you want a healthy puppy with a docked tail, or would you like one that has a natural tail but ends up dead by the time it's 2 years old?

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    Any reputable breeders will have already docked the tail when the pups are about 3 DAYS old.

    They breed, anticipating that every pup has the potential to be show or working quality..   However its impossible to evaluate a newborn pup..  So they all get tails docked..  As tails can't be docked later.

    You can certainly decide if you want the ears done or not, as they are done between 8-12 weeks.

    Unless you want to pay for the cost of importing a pup from a country where cropping and docking is illegal, youre not likely to find a reputable breeder that doesnt dock

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