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What is a doctor likely to suggest if I go to him complaining about gynecomastia?

Would they just suggest a diet and exercise or is that medication that can help this sort of thing? It's really begginjbg to effect my confidence and I can't wear the clothes I'd like to. Many thanks 

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    Depends on many factors.  Diet and exercise would be a start -- particularly if you are overweight.  Diet would also probably excuse any estrogen-producing foods like diary and soy products.  If you have being taking medication that contributes to this condition, you might be asked to discontinue it or find a alternative.

    After doing blood tests, the doctor might recommend thyroid or testosterone therapy. Test will also check for cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and other medication conditions.

    In rare cases, surgery is recommended.  

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    Can't even give a semi- educated answer without knowing your medical history. For example, some anti- psychotic meds can cause that.

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