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Is it possible for someone with limited use of their arms and unable to stand to be able to live outside of a nursing home? There isn’t ?

Enough use of arms to meal prep, do laundry, or lift more than 5lbs

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    It’s possible abs you will need help, either a PCA or live in friend, roommate etc.  I had to move in with family after my accident.  I can no longer walk, can’t raise my hands above my hips, can’t lift over 2 pounds yet I manage to do laundry except bedding, I cook with the assistance of my power wheelchair and adaptions I have done.

    Your days of Total independent Living may be over but you can be close.  I also have other adaptive equipment and the aid of a service dog that picks things up for me and helps me transfer etc. this way I don’t hsve to ask for help with everything that I need.

    Good luck.

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    Yes I did it as a single parent after a road accident. Took me a year to recover, I became quite inventive.

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    of course it's possible and who or where do you find this garbage

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