Is this grammatically correct and does the word "self-confining" exist? Or is it self-made?

My psychiatrist told me that I should do outing instead of writing because writing is sort of self-confining .

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    1 month ago
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    "Self-confining" is a temporary compound adjective. It means what it literally says, the confinement of the person's own self. I'd be self-confining if I went into full quarantine for no reason, for example.

    You can blend "self" with a lot of other words to form temporary compounds, making either adjectives or nouns. In general, if the compound adjective comes after the noun it describes, it isn't hyphenated unless that's needed for clarity. (But your doctor is a psychiatrist, not a grammarian, right?)

    self-reliant actions


    self-serving attitude

    self-actualizing practices

    self-governing group



    self-sealing package

    When a temporary compound becomes very common, sometimes it joins, turning into a single word. I can't think of any with "self," but consider words like halfhearted, midlife, and childproof.

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