Is it worth it to reach out to the J.C Studio’s to make more OVA’s?  

Groups point is too get as much people as possible, so we can reach out too Studios and convince studios to make more seasons!! 

The Anime series was awesome but season 3 was kinda a shame, but for people who have a strong feeling for the reopening of the show they might have luck, because there is a lot of more things they can make a season 4 with like the future of the new world, about the new relationship with Shana and Yuji and about the new baby that was born by feliez. There are a lot of ways, but because season 3 said final, I think it’s over 😞, Maybe we will have 3 more OVA’s about those things I listed!! HAVE HOPE if we reach out to J.C Studio’s 

Maybe it will happen... Who is from 2020 !!

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