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French homework help: Asking questions?

Hi. I'm looking for some help with my French homework. The assignment is about forming questions in french using "est-ce que" and inverting the subject pronoun and verb. I got some of it down but have questions about a couple problems. Can anyone who knows French (at least up to level 2) help me? The homework is graded using a computer. The questions are as follows:

Make a question using: sa mère / être / avocate / ? (inversion)

My incorrect answer: être-sa mère avocate?

Make a question using: il / y / avoir / fenêtre / dans ta chambre / ? (inversion)

My incorrect answer: Y a-t-il fenêtre dans ta chambre?

Make a question using: Tu / connaître / mon ami Pascal / ? (est-ce que)

My incorrect answer: Est-ce que tu connais mon ami Pascal?

Make a questin using: elle / preparer / la sauce tomate / ? (est-ce que)

My incorrect answer: Est-ce qu'elle prepare la sauce tomate?

Make a question using: Tu / as / fermer / la fenêtre / ? (Inversion)

My incorrect answer: As-tu fermes la fenêtre?

Thank you!


I no longer need help with the 4th question, but still need help on the rest.

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