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My brothers girlfriend won’t let him see their baby?

My brother was basically manipulated into having a baby and stayed through all of it. He worked and did education to support BOTH of them. His girlfriend started being abusive and making lies about him. He was kicked out onto the street and denied access to see his baby. Then he was allowed to visit a couple days a week (mother said so), and he didn’t want to start any legal drama so he dealt with it. They were organising split custody with the baby (50/50 with us and with them) but now, they’re saying they are not allowing him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but legally they cannot stop him having his baby, can they? They are ignoring his messages and calls and he doesn’t know what to do. Will we be able to legally, get his baby? He wants split custody. Let me mention he loves his baby, he works, has a supportive family, is doing his education and is devoted to the baby. His girlfriend does not work or go on education and is relying on her parents money to look after the baby. We have evidence that it is her parents, not her, looking after the baby. We also have evidence she is abusive. Am I correct in saying we will take then down  legally , and we will win? I believe my brother has parental rights, and no matter what they say, they cannot stop him.


To clarify because a lot of these answers aren’t helping, I’m in the UK. My brother is 17. He DID use a condom but the girl fell pregnant anyway and threatened with suicide and self harm if he left. His name IS on the birth certificate. There is also a DNA test proving this is his child. 

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    Exact laws depend in what STATE.

    I know in Ohio, if the parents are not married, the father has NO rights until he gains them thru court.   I do believe it is similar in many other states.

    He can file thru court for custody/visitation.

    FYI..  It does NOT matter if her parents are taking care of the baby

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    He needs to file for custody, and establish paternity.   Evidence of her parents helping her doesn't help you.  

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    What you think and what you beleive is wrong, the claim you made about your brother (eg 'manipulated' into having a child) all that says is your brother is immature or has mental health issues, so he has no ability to say no or use a condom?........... Your brother was not married to his childs mother and if his name is not on the birth cert of the child legally he is not the father, so has zero rights, if his name is on the birth certificate then she acknowledged him as the father and to get any rights he has to go to court and get those rights awarded. He also has legal resonsiibilities and that is to pay child support........ you have zero rights and never will have any rights to the keep out of it especially if you would like to see the child ..trashing the mother will not help at all, it just shows you have no respect....the court is interested about rights of the child and responsibility of the parents........... no court will give physical 'split' custody of a new born, the mother will get physical custody and the father likely visitation and unless you keep out of it, the mother is likely to ask for supervised visitation which would mean you won't even see the kid.

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    You said, "....they cannot stop him having his baby, can they?" You mean, "...they cannot stop him having his second baby, can they?" It appears that he is not interested in being married to either one of you. His is clearly not interested in being with you and your expectation of his support of a second child in totally naive. How sure are you that what he tells you about his ex is accurate? 

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    your brother needs to get a lawyer. it's about the only thing his ex will understand. and get a paternity test to make sure. 

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