Is SAT an O levels examination?

I am a filipino and I want to study in Singapore. However, I am really confused if I still have to sit for a SAT examination. I am also being asked for an O level or A level qualification. Is SAT an O level or A level qualification? Does that mean I have to sit for a SAT and an O/A Level test?

Im so lost.

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  • 1 month ago

    Singapore education runs on the British model.  Please do not confuse their SAT with the American SAT, which is an entry college level exam.  Unless you've been attending school in your country which run on a very high level [International Baccalaureate?] you shoot for the O levels as first choice.  Please see the website of schools that interest you, look for International Students or similar, and then for required examinations.  There may be a link to how you can take these.  If there is not, then email the admissions people directly and ask their assistance.  -- grampa [married 32 years to American Uni Professor]

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    In the U.K. SATS are taken in primary school up to the age of 11.

    O levels now called GCSE are taken at 16.

    A levels are taken at 18.

    So it will depend on your age.


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