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Small buffet table? ?

My father just passed and the family wants to hold a celebration of his life and a few of his friends. At most it’ll be 20 people. I want to do a buffet station and was thinking chicken pinwheel sandwiches, beef bruschetta, shrimp cocktail and a cucumber feta mint salad what do you think? Or instead of bruschetta do charcuterie board? Just thinking about how to accommodate everyone and it be nice 

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  • denise
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    1 month ago

    Your 'savoury' buffet menu sounds lovely,  A couple of 'sweet' options would probably be welcome too.

    How about a few fruit scones [lemon & cranberry ones are nice], made with dried cranberries & lemon zest added to the usual scone mix.

    A nice mixed fruit salad is refreshing too? 

  • CB
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    1 month ago

    Probably not a bad idea to have a fruit salad bowl, crudities, some lunch meats and sliced cheeses, rolls, condiments so people can make little sandwiches with the rolls to go along with pinwheels.

    Bowl of pickles, bowl of potato chips, some finger desserts. A couple bowls of dip for the crudities and chips. 

    Sorry for your loss, went through this last year about this time. 

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