HP Elitebook 8440 replacing Motherboad (Systemboard) as an upgrade for laptop?


         i have an inquiry, can HP Elitebook 8440p motherboard with Intel Graphics can be replaced with one with Nvidia Graphics ... like changing the mother board to make it be upgraded ... as changing HP with mother board has Intel graphic card ( 594028-001 ) with another motherboard has Nvidia Graphic card ( 594026-001 ) ... and i know that Heat sink will changing as well and Processor ... my question can that be done ... or it will not work ... and if it will work what i should consider else beside ( motherborad, Processor and Heat sink ) .... Thank you

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Assuming those two boards fit in the same chassis... technically yes?

    But given that all of the components are basically part of the motherboard on a laptop, you're basically replacing the entire PC more or less, so I don't know what exactly you're trying to achieve.

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