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One sister of mine is on bad terms with the family and won't speak to me. Should I just let it pass and not reach out?

She is always moody and bullies despite being a young adult. She criticizes everyone and mistreats our mother. 


Should I just let this pass and not reach out since she won't speak to me ever since I get mad at her a year ago? Or do I extend an olive branch? She has my phone number blocked and blocked me on Facebook. 

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    Why do you want to reach out to such a nasty sister.  If your mother allows herself to be mistreated by your sister then she shouldn't complain to you about it.  It's for your mother to chastise your sister - not you.  I personally wouldn't bother with her.  Why would you want to try and make things up with such a nasty cow.

  • bake  her  a  pie  or  cake  for  her  birthday … don't  buy  it.

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    Do or don't.  This isn't a should or should not issue.  If you WANT to try to reconnect and have some method of contacting her, like writing a letter, feel free.  Just don't expect much.  If you don't really care about reconnecting at this point, don't make the effort.  

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    Ignore her and move on with your life.

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    Cut her out of your life.

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    Don't waste your time on her. 

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