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Sued for cutting in line?

My father was in a store line but got impatient as an old man was tryign to count his change so he pushed him out and BARFED INTO THE CASHEIRS FACE. The cashier pushed the national emergency button. A triangular shaped ufo flew past the city, dispatching over 12,278 tanks on parachutes onto walmart. My dad knew he messed up, so he took out his 12 gauge autoloader and blew his brains out. As tanks drove into walmart, they realized that their target has successfully eliminated itself. So fireworks were shot into the sky. All of a sudden a tank slipped and fell into the hoover dam. My dad ejakulated...

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    IF you were not a troll, the reason for the arrest would not be cutting in line. It would be ASSAULT, aka shoving someone.

    Note: There is NO SUCH THING as a 'national emergency button', and if there was, a cashier wouldn't have access to it.

    Note: Tanks don't parachute.

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