why is it so hard to lose weight?

all i ate yesterday was coffee, clif bar, apple, hummus and pretzels, quesadilla, coffee, and two beers. is that too much?


yet I'm still fatter than yo momma left cankle

Update 2:

it was a sabre snack pack. the clif was breakfast. 

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    That actually sounds too little. Little to no protein, little to no good fats and I don't really see any fibres in there.

    Each and every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks) should contain a good source of all three macros (protein, fat and carbs). Choose carbs with fibres, so instead of white bread and pasta - choose potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats etc. Other carb sources: fruits and berries. Choose a good source of protein; low fat meat (preferrably chicken or turkey), other protein sources are salmon, tuna, cod, lentils, chickpeas and different legumes.

    Good fats are: avocadoes, nuts, seeds, rapeseed oil, olive oil etc.

    If you are not sure how much you should eat, take a TDEE test to see what amount of calories you should be eating.

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    Because you eat too many calories and too many carbs.

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    Obviously, it's better to eat healthy foods compared to unhealthy foods.

    But when it comes to weight loss.... all that matters is calories in vs. calories out. You cannot trick thermodynamics, I don't care what anyone tries to say. YES you can lose weight by eating nothing but doughnuts, as long as your total caloric intake is less than your total caloric expenditure.

    That said... the things you ate yesterday are very calorie dense.

    Clif bars have 250-260 calories per bar. That's a lot for a 52 gram snack.

    Hummus has 70 calories for just 2 tablespoons. I guarantee you had more than 2 tablespoons if you were dipping pretzels into it.

    Quesadillas... wow they are calorie dense because of the cheese and tortilla !!

    And beer.... ugh, just plain empty calories. 

    You probably consumed far more calories yesterday than you realize.

    Losing weight isn't hard... it's so simple. You just have to eat less and move more.

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